Smartwatch Applications: Wellness

2015-11-21 10:55:27 by EXS IDEA

Smartwatch Applications: Wellness


Future smartwatches will be able to contribute significantly to the wellness of its wearer. They will be a motivator to be more active, eat healthier, improve the quality of sleep, and prevent stress.

Unlike mobile phones, smartwatches have access to physiological parameters, which is crucial in terms of wellness. And unlike other wearables such as smart textiles and glasses, a smartwatch is completely non-obtrusive and easy to wear.

Current status / best practice

Dozens of companies offer fitness trackers. In fact, activity monitoring is the most popular smartwatch application today. Based on a movement sensor, activity trackers measure steps taken, do some basic activity classifications, and measure quality of sleep. On a companion app run on the smartphone, it is possible to manually enter further data such as nutritional information.

The most popular products are the ones of Fitbit and Jawbone.Certainly there are many company launched featured products. French company Withings offers the Activite Watch, which indicates the activity status (steps taken) on a classic analogue display, and has a battery time of one year. Microsoft has launched a product called “Band” with integrated heart rate monitoring and GPS.EXS IDEA has launched product called “H109”,a pulse wave based healthy smart watch. the world’s first pluse wave based sub-health monitor system.

Without doubt, the Apple Watch will redefine the market, once it is launched in 2015. The company has put a lot of emphasizes on long-term use, and is creating attractive user interfaces.



In the coming years, there will be big advancements on the sensor side. Companies and research institutions around the world are working on sensors which accurately determine calorie consumption, nutrition, hydration, stress, and many more physiological parameters. Together with contextual information (localization data, media consumption, etc), this information will be sent to the cloud.


The real value will be generated on the cloud, where the data is analyzed, compared with millions of other data records, and coupled with additional data such as nutritional databases and weather data. This big data will be used as a basis for coaching.

So in the future, expect to get a message if the job you have taken over from your colleague makes you drink more coffee, or if your diet has a negative impact on your sleep. The advice will not be “eat more apples and go to bed earlier”. Rather, you will get highly specific advice with the highest possibility of success, based on the impact the advice had on other persons in similar situations, as well as your specific motivation drivers. For general fitness improvements, expect social media competitions, gamification strategies, personal coaching, and financial incentives by employers and insurers.


At the end of the day, the smartwatch and its sophisticated background services will not make you healthier by itself. But as scientific studies show, fact-based coaching can have a tremendous impact. No question that H109 smartwatches will have a huge impact on our wellness in the future.

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