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After sales policy

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What is the support about the product & service?
We're focus on the elderly safety-health monitoring intelligent equipment & platform solution providers. Wristwatch for the elderly, main functions: GPS location, Geo fence,
SOS call , fall alarm, heart rate and blood pressure measurement, etc. Hardware and APP, one-stop solution of server software platform.
Which customers do you provide products and services for?
Intelligent endowment, institutional endowment, home endowment, community endowment, old-age real estate, intelligent sanitation, residential endowment, health management.
What technical support do you provide?

1)Purchase equipment, provide free server sub account, support customer management user base.

2) provide API protocol & technical integrate.
3) Support server function developing.

Do you support OEM & ODM?

OEM:  product, UI design, packaging , manual, logo

ODM: mainboard, watch software, App software, ID, MD

Do you guarantee the quality of your products?
Quality problem: 1 year warranty. Man-made damage: reasonable maintenance charge.
How many people are on your technical team?
Hardware team: 20 person. Firmware teams: 20 person.
Which exhibitions do you attend?
2019 China International Senior Care Expo,March 31-april 2, 2019, Beijing international exhibition center, 8D11
The 25th Beijing international health, pension and rehabilitation physical therapy and health expo, Beijing international exhibition center, P006, April 17-19, 2019
CHINA AID, June 11-13, 2019, Shanghai international expo center, E7B78
The 8th China international pension service expo, August 22-24, 2019, Beijing national convention center, 1A22
Can the health data of your monitoring wristwatch reach the medical level?
At present, the chips we use to measure heart rate and blood pressure are either made in China or imported from Taiwan. It is not yet medical-grade.
We suggest users: 1) wear by special person; 2) long-term wear; 3) adjust the calibration value according to your normal heart rate and blood pressure; 4) look at long-term trends.
Does your wristwatch have the function of fall alarm?
The principle of fall alarm is as follows: first, there is top-down sliding action; second, there is impact. The watch thinks that the user has fallen down.In fact, this algorithm will have more false positives. Our 2G watch USES a 3-axis gyroscope, while our 3G watch USES a 6-axis gyroscope, so the 3G watch is relatively accurate in falling down.
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